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date looks vs friend looks: do you dress up more with your guy or gals?

Have you ever heard the theory that girls dress more for girls than they do for guys? Not in a romantic sense, but because girls would compliment and appreciate, say, your new Marc Jacobs bag, or squeal with delight over the scarf you snatched up for five bucks from Target, while guys sometimes have to be... Read more »

necking in public: how much PDA is okay?

While I was home shopping for Christmas Eve dinner at our local Wal-Mart, I had the uncomfortable luck of following around a couple who was so lovesick and touchy that I felt as though I was actually shopping in their kitchen pantry as they had a candlight dinner instead of the aisles of the frozen... Read more »

last minute gift survival guide 3: the men (and boys) in your life

Remember the tip about having an indoor game and an outdoor game with your sweetie? Cross the indoor off your list with this mini version of the arcade classic.
Happy week of Christmas! And happy panic-inducing last-minute trips to the mall or Target for those gifts you forgot. In the case of those who find spending some extra bucks on rush shipping more attractive than the idea of battling crowds at 24-hour department stores (those poor Macy’s employees), here are some of my favorite picks for... Read more »

dresses for winter weddings

Only 4 days until Christmas my friends! Do you have any fun plans for the holidays? For New Year’s Eve this year, my boyfriend and I are attending a wedding of one of his friends, which is fantastic news for me because my NYE’s of past have been fine and all, but the pressure to make... Read more »

little borrowed dress

    Oh hello again, friends. It’s me, the girl who is obsessed with Rent the Runway. So much so that I suggested to everyone that they could rent dresses for their bridesmaids. And now, Little Borrowed Dress offers stylish, colorful bridesmaids dresses on loan for $75 (or for retail at $275!). Brides-to-be attend trunk shows with... Read more »

romantic local getaway: a the burbs?

Last weekend, four of my girls from high school and I surprised our friend for her 30th with a trip to a winery and a limo tour of the local bars. Surprisingly, we didn’t have to go to Galena, Lake Geneva or Michigan City to taste the best of the reds and whites–we just had... Read more »

relationship roles

    Last week, after a few cocktails, I happily announced to my boyfriend that one of his roles in the relationship is to make us our dinners. Don’t get me wrong, when I have time, I love cooking, and for a long time before I met him, I was perfectly capable of finding a... Read more »

5 for Friday (on Monday): the marrieds

An adorable former interior designer who now lives on the Florida coast with her husband and four children, Selena's writing style is optimistic, grounded, inspiring and interesting. With the eye of an expert, she breaks down beautiful design to be approachable and easy for anyone's home.
I hope you stayed warm and cozy this weekend, friends! We had our holiday party for work on Friday, so I am taking Monday as an opportunity to showcase a fun Five for Friday feature–my favorite blogs by married women and moms. It’s fun to take a peak into a lifestage you’re not quite living yet... Read more »

holiday survival gift guide: your bff who gets you something perfect every year

handcuff lariat, $50
Part two of the AAB holiday gift guide features your bestie who has been in your life since your first Caboodle. The one that’s always hard to shop for because her taste is so impeccable that by the time you find a perfect trend you want to try, she’s already been wearing it for weeks.... Read more »

incredible jewelry for $30 a pop

Happy Monday, dears! Have you heard of this great new idea in jewelry? (Don’t run yet, boys–this could be the perfect gift idea). For those of you who don’t get Lucky magazine (or who don’t devour it cover to cover in one sitting, even after being out at a party all night), Kate Bosworth has... Read more »