what cartoon heroine would you be?

How was your weekend, friends? Mine was filled with loved ones, comfort food, wine, and some of my favorite old movies (and some new, embarrassingly enjoyable Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas specials). As I was reciting every line to Beauty and the Beast (can we discuss the string of Disney homeruns starting with The Little Mermaid? That team was on fire! I don't know what happened to end it...maybe this and other similar rumors had some influence?), I realized how much I nerdily identify with Belle. When it comes to Disney "princesses" she is my gal--especially in the beginning of the movie when she traipses through the most perfectly quiant village, saying hello to all of the shopkeepers on her way to (be still my heart!) a bookstore overflowing with shelf upon shelf of literature. Sigh. Of course, the whole ending up with a prince thing isn't a bad gig either (and the girl can rock a yellow dress, which is my favorite color!), just as long as I'd still be able to make daily visits to my hometown friends and village. What character would you love to be in a cartoon movie?

p.s. As an obvious parallel, I am not attracted to Gaston-types either.

And another fun question for a Monday: Who would you have in your celebrity bridal party?


images 1 and 2 of Belle

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