Holiday Survival Gift Guide Part One: The Tots

Happy winter, friends! It's hard to believe that we're already barreling down the road to the holiday break (one of my roommates is Jewish, so this year we have a multi-domination decorated apartment.  Christmakkah for everyone!) In the spirit of the season,  Always a Bridesmaid will feature a series of themed gift guides--not just his or hers, but the tricky contenders that pop up every year--your mother-in-law (or boyfriend's mom), cousins or siblings in college, your impossibly fashionable and quirky bff, and of course, the guy in your life (whether he is a creative hipster, an adorable nerd, or just a typical dude). And as a bonus, for those loyal gentleman who keep coming back to this blog, some gifts for the lady in your life (and in some cases, for me).

Let's start off today with a category close to my heart after spending the weekend with my niece--little tykes, whether they be nieces, nephews, or relatives of your guy or gal.  This year, my brother and his wife asked that we only get gifts for Chloe (even typing her name makes my heart leap), so I am on the lookout for stylish toys and décor I know they would love as well. What are you buying the kiddos in your life?


Bonus: dresses for your holiday parties , and something special to go under them...

1. Better Days set of Prints, $18

2. I Forgive You Onesie, 40 lbs

3. Play ATM Bank, 30 lbs

4. Alphabet Animal Print, $40

5. Kids Messenger Bag, $50


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