even though we ain't got money... (cheap chicago winter dates)

Does anyone else LOVE singing that song in the car? I get all folksy and sincere with it. And although I am not living with my lover while we struggle to make ends meet, I am a girl that can appreciate a good bargain, especially when it comes to fun outings that don't break your bank. So each season, I am opening Always a Bridesmaid to the best of your suggestions for creative and cheap (bonus points if they're romantic!) dates. Below are just a few of my favorite options (some traditional, some off-the-beaten-path--it was hard to edit down the  list!)  for cozying up to your favorite source of warmth in the winter. What's your top pick for affordable winter fun? Share with me in the comments section or email alwaysabridesmaid15@gmail.com and I'll run the best and most original submissions next week. Stay cozy, Chicago!

p.s. links to activities after the jump...

ice skating

dive bar crawl

church and picture



christmas lights

lp zoo lights

spiked cider

bus tour

adler and picture

reading under influence

improv olympic

weird chicago tours


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