braided updos

Remember when Lauren Conrad started wearing her hair with that little side-braid on The Hills? And when you first saw it, you were all "omg, that's so cute, I love what she did with her hair!"?  And then in the next episode, she was wearing it again, and you thought "wait, is this a clip of the same day?" but then you realized she was wearing different clothing, so she must just really, really like that hairstyle? And suddenly you started wearing your hair in a braid and you were able to understand the addicting nature of it, so much so that you still find yourself reverting back to it when you're late and nothing else is working out? I do, too. And ever since then, whether they're declared "in" or "out", I have had a soft spot in my little bridesmaid heart for braids. I only actually wore a braided style in one wedding--which, by no stretch of the imagination, I loved--but I have been wanting to try a more intricate style ever since. Here's my selection of shots I would be terrified to bring to a hairstylist but ecstatic to have actually work out. (Side note--the more complicated and "naturally messy" the style comes off on a celebrity (see: the back shot of Kristen Bell's blonde braids), the higher the risk of your hair looking more sprayed and 80's in the wrong hands. Tread wisely, dear wedding-goers).    

images from here and here

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