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Holiday Survival Gift Guide Part One: The Tots

My roommate is an elementary school teacher and the other day on the playground she found a Tiffany's bag, holding, among other things, a lobster claw, a leaf, and a rock. You never know what invaluable surprises can be found at your feet, so it's best to always have a tote handy--and this one is made especially for toddlers!
Happy winter, friends! It’s hard to believe that we’re already barreling down the road to the holiday break (one of my roommates is Jewish, so this year we have a multi-domination decorated apartment.  Christmakkah for everyone!) In the spirit of the season,  Always a Bridesmaid will feature a series of themed gift guides–not just his or... Read more »

Winter Dates, Part Two

Remember this post? Well, now that the temperatures are dropping to breath-stealing status, it’s time to follow it up with round two–another list (including reader submissions!) of fantastic options to keep you and your sweetie warm (or at least distracted from your hands going numb) this winter. Links to images after the jump And don’t... Read more »

what cartoon heroine would you be?

How was your weekend, friends? Mine was filled with loved ones, comfort food, wine, and some of my favorite old movies (and some new, embarrassingly enjoyable Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas specials). As I was reciting every line to Beauty and the Beast (can we discuss the string of Disney homeruns starting with The Little Mermaid? That team... Read more »

yes and no

No. Absolutely not. Gag. Yes. A proposal in a fort? Swoon. What a perfect setting and set-up in which to say yes.    

five for friday: cozy winter date accessories

Is anyone else ecstatic that it’s Friday? As a fun way to end the week on AAB, Fridays will feature five favorites from different categories (let’s hear it for alliteration!), and today’s focus is on the temperatures starting to dip, and winter starting to creep into the city. Colder weather doesn’t have to mean feeling frumpy to stay warm–some... Read more »

losing your wedding dress: help a bride-to-be in need

It’s a busy day over here in the bridesmaid’s world, but I wanted to take a chance to share this story with anyone who didn’t hear it. Last night, Eva’s bridal shop of Oak Lawn was victim of a fire that burned all dresses inside and left many brides-to-be-married this weekend without anything to wear.... Read more »

4 Easy Dishes to Impress for Thanksgiving

We’re swiftly approaching the holidays, which hopefully means much-needed time off, seeing old friends and family, and stuffing yourself for a long afternoon nap in front of awesome old movies. And if you’re in a relationship, you’ll likely be attending one or two parties together, whether it be one of your Thanksgivings, a present exchange... Read more »

there's no crying in movies!

See also: Rudy
Here’s a fun topic for a Tuesday…when is the last time–if ever–you saw your man cry? I attended a wedding a couple weeks ago and in the middle of the vows, the groom had to pause to wipe away tears. It was so touching, and somehow, so masculine at the same time. Beyond weddings, do... Read more »


Sarah Seven’s bridal line is so ethereal and romantic, it makes my heart hurt. I would be over the moon to wear any piece in her line–bride-related or not. Can’t you just imagine bridesmaids decked out in these as part of a backyard wedding at dusk, surrounded by twinkle-lights? My Disney princess side is showing, but if... Read more »

even though we ain't got money... (cheap chicago winter dates)

While the name alone states this isn't for everyone, my friends took me on the ghost tour for my birthday one year and it was a blast. We brought a cooler, took pictures, and generally freaked ourselves out (while learning some pretty creepy and interesting facts about the city in the process). If either of you is mystery buff or wants to live a real life episode of ghost hunters, check this out--just be sure to bundle up (the bus is heated but makes a lot of stops).
Does anyone else LOVE singing that song in the car? I get all folksy and sincere with it. And although I am not living with my lover while we struggle to make ends meet, I am a girl that can appreciate a good bargain, especially when it comes to fun outings that don’t break your bank.... Read more »