the nest: why a newlywed magazine is great for unmarrieds



Unlike the bridal magazines I have to hide in my desk drawer as to not continuously make my boyfriend nervous, Nest is a perfectly subtle niche publication that actually helps unmarried couples as much as newlyweds. In a world filled with cohabitating partners as well as a generation waiting to wed until a later age, Nest offers an incredible array of advice for the typical dating female--and some pages her boyfriend wouldn't be embarrassed to be caught reading as well. A sampling of last month's issue included everything from how to throw a dinner party for 12 people, budget-friendly decorating ideas, a gift guide under $50, the perfect playlist for a roadtrip, an interview with indie crooners Matt and Kim, and a candid discussion about married couples and porn. Having discovered the magazine by mistake in search of something else for work, I brought it on a girls' roadtrip this weekend and all four of us read it cover to cover. Since it's only published four times a year, you can check out the website to find a procrastinator's dream amount of information. A fun find for a girl who normally wouldn't have given this title a second glance (especially since they typically find their target market by those who have signed up for The Knot!).  

P.S. On a related note, I used to read Maxim in college because I found the guys' perspectives hilarious, but I grew out of it. Do you read any magazines that aren't targeted towards you? 

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