Is the second time a charm? Or just sloppy?



In a valiant attempt to be the Brett Favre of reality TV, Brad Womack is headed back to The Bachelor for round two. For those of you who have better things to do than watch ridiculous reality TV, or simply who have stronger self-control (please, help me!!) and didn't watch Brad's original season, he was the first bachelor to pick absolutely no one. That's right, he didn't propose to his love on the finale and then break up with her on the aftershow in front of a bunch of TV cameras (that was the classy Jason Mesnick), nor did he propose to a girl only to take part months later in a jaw-droppingly awkward post-break-up fight with her in front of some more TV cameras--that was our favorite dancing pilot, Jake. Instead, he admitted he didn't think either of his final contenders (is that what you call people you're dating with the potential of marriage?) was the one he wanted to marry, and chose to end the show how he began it--single. And people were pissed.

And now, he's back for a second chance at love. While The Bachelor franchise is famous for bringing back everyone's favorite dumpees for the next season to find love while America cheers them on (see: every bachelorette in the show's history), they have never actually brought back the lead for another shot at love...that's more up MTV or VH1's alley (maybe Tila will make her way over to ABC!). But with the recent success (yes, I use this term relatively) of spin-off shows, it seems ABC is taking a chance on bringing back a controversial star and perhaps introducing him to a whole new set of potential future candidates. Embarassingly enough, I will be tuning in, but what I would love to know is why didn't the adorable Chris from Allie's season come back as the next star of the show? 

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