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honesty in speeches: why there's perfection in the unperfect

honesty in speeches: why there's perfection in the unperfect
  Four years ago, afer a particularly difficult break-up, I stumbled upon a self-help book at a friend’s place, and in a fit of desperation, devoured it in one sitting. The authors basically stated that if a relationship ended, it happened for a reason, and that conclusion should be finite. Once it’s done, it’s over... Read more »

the nest: why a newlywed magazine is great for unmarrieds

  Unlike the bridal magazines I have to hide in my desk drawer as to not continuously make my boyfriend nervous, Nest is a perfectly subtle niche publication that actually helps unmarried couples as much as newlyweds. In a world filled with cohabitating partners as well as a generation waiting to wed until a later... Read more »

hurry! wedding sale on gilt groupe...going fast!

I am rushing as fast as I can to get this post to you, friends. Gilt Groupe has an exclusive bridal sale starting today, but things are selling out as we speak. Head on over there and check it out–if you don’t have an invite, email me at and I will make sure you get... Read more »

hidden gem

A couple weeks ago, I attended a wedding of my boyfriend’s friends in an awesome location. The cocktail hour was in a window-encased room facing crashing waves, the reception was in an equally breath-taking setting, and the lobby of the hotel felt like a resort. The best part? It was in Illinois. In my roughly eight... Read more »

New! Handmade Wedding Goods Site

As you might have read, I love me some Etsy–for maid-of-honor gifts, engagement gifts, any sort of gifts–so it’s no surprise that I was instantly able to waste 20 minutes on the new wedding site Wedzu. Think of it as a wedding-focused Etsy, perfect for brides and everyone around them looking for a homeade touch. With everything... Read more »

Designer Bridesmaid Dresses under $150

Sometimes when writing this blog, I come across an idea that I love so much it makes me wish my (way in the future, not-engaged-yet) wedding was right around the corner. As mentioned before, I am in love with the idea of Rent the Runway  (even though I still haven’t pulled the trigger on renting a... Read more »

greeting card keepsake

  Remember that ridiculous show Room Raiders on MTV where people got to snoop around potential suitors’ rooms in order to decide if they were worthy of a date? If they happened to be searching my room they would find an embarassing amount of shoeboxes filled with old birthday cards, runner’s bibs, and pictures of... Read more »

I am in love with this idea...

This talented photograher and bride-to-be threw an [adorable circus-themed engagement party ]( asked guests to write their best wishes on scraps of fabric, which the couple would later make into a quilt for their home. Cozy. Classic. Personalized. Perfection.

Is the second time a charm? Or just sloppy?

  In a valiant attempt to be the Brett Favre of reality TV, Brad Womack is headed back to The Bachelor for round two. For those of you who have better things to do than watch ridiculous reality TV, or simply who have stronger self-control (please, help me!!) and didn’t watch Brad’s original season, he was the first bachelor to... Read more »