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Love Story Invitations

This couple stole my heart by placing their love story on the outside of their wedding invitation holder. The way the husband wrote it (LOVE that he took charge of the telling!!) is so cute and makes their love seem destined by fate. What a great idea for favor wrapping or save the dates as well!   via... Read more »

50% off Premium Wedding Stationary

      Check out the latest deal from Gilt City Chicago, and get 50% off of your wedding invitations–designed by a talented artist and newlywed who has lived and breathed the actual planning process. Options available for different price levels as well:

classy lingerie

How pretty are these nighties and lingerie sets? While I love giving the giggle-inducing set of underwear as much as the next bridesmaid, there is something to be said about gifting the bride something she will feel demure and gorgeous in time and time again. Added bonus? These are all from Topshop, which is coming to our fair city next Spring. Until... Read more »

Camp-Themed Invites

As a girl who is obsessed with all things camp (I volunteer here every year), these invites made me swoon. I love how they incoporated all of the information seamlessly into the theme without making it feel force-fit. It must be the time of year, but I seem to be surrounded by cozy wedding images... Read more »

Vera Wang to partner with David's Bridal

  In a nod to designer discount fanatics everywhere, Vera Wang announced a partnership with the often dismissed David’s Bridal scheduled to launch next Spring. Following in the footsteps of her partnership with Kohl’s as well as pioneer brands H&M and Target, the line will allow brides-to-be to purchase the wedding icon’s dresses at anywhere... Read more »

wedding dress shopping

This weekend, in perfect example of false advertising, my friend found her wedding dress in about 45 minutes flat. As in the sixth one she tried on, perfect fit, chills-around-the-room-accompanied-by-watery-eyes perfect dress. At a sample sale, no less, meaning she got it for about 1/5 of the original price. I am ecstatic for her, and... Read more »

plus one or plus none: should you bring a date if you're single?

Honestly, this has been the decision that has led to some of my best wedding memories over the years. If you don't have anyone you're romantically interested in, why not take advantage of the freedom of going by yourself? Drink, eat, mingle, dance, catch the bouquet, flirt with a stranger--or don't do any of those things. It's 100% your choice and the night is what you make of it. My view before I was in a serious relationship was that the times for me to go somewhere and only answer to myself were limited. Of course, I would love when I found the person I wanted to share those times with, but I was pretty darn lucky to be surrounded by my friends and family shaking it on the dance floor until that person came along. (As a side note, this option was most fun for me when the wedding was made up of my inner circle of loved ones who can truly appreciate my dance skills for what they are...which is awkward).
When you’re one of the last of your friends to get married, it’s inevitable that you’re going to get an invitation to a wedding while single. So do you bring someone–a set-up, a good friend, a new crush–or do you fly solo? I’ve done all four, and they all have their benefits. Take that how you... Read more »


  For some reason, it seems like my friends go through relationship choices simultaneously. Like sorority sisters who mysteriously sync up their cycles, I will receive a call from one friend on Monday announcing her engagement and by the end of the week I will have penciled in two more engagement parties or been privy... Read more »