I survived the running of the brides...

As I mentioned before, Filene's Basement holds a running of the brides event every year--and, up until now, I never experienced it first-hand. But this year, I joined crowds of brides-to-be, bridesmaids, fathers and mothers of the brides, even brothers and fiances of the brides, and lived to tell the tale. Below, some of my learnings as well as my favorite pictures from the morning.

1. Bring your most trusted girlfriends

Pick the girls--or guys--who aren't afraid to throw a gentle (?) 'bow for you, who will get up hours before they have to be at work to have first dibs at the dresses, and who will know--and be honest with you--in a glance whether the dress you're trying on is all wrong or is the One.

2. Know what you want

If you're looking for a quiet, calm browsing experience, this is not the place to find your dress. But if you know what you want and are willing to go through a little chaos to get it, you just might find your dream dress at a great price.

3. Get in and get out

Even if you're not the first one there, get as many dresses as your friends can grab and find a quiet area to try on--there was a ton of empty space near the back and only a few girls had scoped it out.

4. Get on the same page

Tell your group when you leave exactly what you're looking for--sweatheart neckline, lace, trumpet, etc--so that they can find the dresses that don't work for others but that might be perfect for you.

5. Keep a sense of humor

Some of the events I saw transpire were hilarious, but probably because I wasn't in the middle of them. Chances are, you may run into people who take this a little too seriously, maybe for good reason--this might be their chance at a perfect dress. But getting in a tussle over a piece of material--no matter how dream-like--is probably something you might regret in the morning.


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  • I got my wedding dress at this event in 2004. It was crazy but I loved every second!

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