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One of my favorite things to discover when meeting a newly engaged couple is the story of how they met. If there is one thing I have learned from all of these weddings in my life, it is that you can meet the person you're going to marry anywhere at any time. I don't believe in absolutes--"you will never meet someone at a late night bar" (my friend just married someone she met at Tavern on Damen at about 3:00 in the morning), "don't date online" (multiple people I know have met their husbands and wives on dating services) and "you'll only meet someone if you're putting yourself out there" (in the photograph above, the couple met at a laundromat--and subsequently, that's where they had their engagement photos taken). Even the whole "don't marry your high school sweetheart!" can be proven wrong--multiple former couples from my high school broke up and somehow made their way back to each other in marriage. So where did you meet your significant other? Even if it didn't work out, do you have a funny or crazy story of meeting someone you ended up dating?

Above are some of my favorite examples of real life "first meetings". Like I said, you never know--I met my boyfriend a year ago today while buying a ping-pong table off of craigslist! He was the one that answered the door at the apartment when I went to pick it up. It's not a "missed connection", but we still have craigslist to thank.


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