Running of the Brides



Having never been engaged and therefore, having never shopped for a wedding dress (as far as anyone knows, right? What? Nothing!), I have never had the pleasure of experiencing the supposed chaos that constitutes a bridal sample sale. The only vision I have in my head is this. Don't pretend you haven't seen that episode a million times. But never fear, brides-to-be. Your coveted gown is out there, and finding it at an enviable price does not have to start Bride Wars 2: They've Multiplied. (Please, if anyone who really has the power to make that movie happen is reading this, I beg of you, don't do it).

On Friday, July 23, Filene's Basement will hold its own version of a Bridal Sample Sale, the Running of the Brides, replete with an 8 am opening, suggested bridal "teams" (meaning you literally bring friends along and assign them tasks--"find a strapless dress with beading down the back"--just like in Friends!), and even a host of tips on how to make the day go smoothly.

While I would likely be one of those girls that goes at 11 to avoid the self-induced stress of wanting every single dress that looked good on someone else (Retail people take note! Nothing is a more sure-sale technique than trying on something in a store and having someone walk by to ask if you're going to buy it. The minute someone else wants it, it becomes that much more enticing!), I would be even more excited for the Saturday-afternoon version of the after-party.

Take that gorgeous, hard-won dress you found over to white CHICAGO starting at 9 am for their seamstresses to fix any details that weren't quite perfect, and let your girls nosh on muffins and other breakfast deliciousness courtesy of Egg Harbor Café, Fritz Pastry and St. Germain. Not only that, but you can shop for more discounted designer dresses if you didn't luck out at Filene's Basement, find your veil and accessories at 20% and score a dress cleaning from Lake City Cleaners at a discounted rate--$195 down from $250!

Have any of you found your perfect dress at a bridal sample sale? And for you non-married girls out there, do you love general sample sales or loathe them? I am obsessed...besides the whole having to change in front strangers thing, I wish they would happen every weekend.



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