Playing House



When I was little, I would spend hours playing grown-up and planning my future home. Whether it was setting up my Barbie dream house with the perfect furniture, "cooking" for my family, or propping my stuffed animals around the kitchen table, I knew in my head exactly what my future abode would look like--even if it changed hourly. And now, a new type of bridal registry allows you to carry on you and your friends' childhood dreams of building the perfect home.

I've talked about several options for bridal gifts--customized art, a year full of holidays, and even paying off bills--but I have never seen something like this before. Yet another Daily Candy find, Hatch My House offers couples-to-be a chance to allow their friends participation in building their dream house (inside and out) even if they don't know exactly what that might be yet.

Offering options from $50 to $300 and beyond, Hatch My House allows gifters to give anything from roofing to books in order to fill the bookshelf in the living room. Set up like a virtual blueprint, the interior view is my favorite--it's a delight to browse, and even brings back fond memories of watching Finders Keepers as a child. Check out the website to set up a registry or send it to friends who are getting married and looking to break from tradition. I'm off to call my mom to see if she saved Barbie's Dream House. A girl's got to start somewhere.



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