Confession Sunday: I like Raven Simone


Happy Sunday, friends! As a fun way to wrap up the weekend, I am going to reveal a secret about myself. Up until an embarassingly recent time, I regularly watched "That's So Raven". And with that off my chest, here's another one--I would say phrases like "that's so NOT raven" when I didn't approve of something. No, I am not kidding.


Still with me?


Brace yourself. There's more...but with a pay-off! 

This Sunday on ABC Family, my favorite former teenage psychic is back, posing as none other than a bridesmaid in "Revenge of the Bridesmaids". While I will not reveal whether I will be tuning into this (somewhere, if he is reading this, my boyfriend is scrambling to make plans for 7:30 so that there isn't a chance he is stuck with this on in the background), it does bring up an interesting trend lately--that of the bridesmaidzilla. Bridal parties who band together and turn on irrational brides, and in some cases, brides who have done nothing wrong. That's so not raven! So in an effort to start turning this trend back around and restore the balance back to happy brides and bridal parties, Melissa Phillips, founder of the ingenius wedding and lifestyle consulting service Simply Perfect by Melissa, has lent her expertise with 6 tips for bridesmaids to help make the day, well...simply perfect.

1. Be patient. While things might not be going the way you would handle them, think of how you would want her to act while planning your big day.

2. Be flexible. As stated above, you may not always see eye to eye with the bride. If something is seriously bothering you or you don't feel comfortable with it, have a one-on-one private conversation with her--not in front of anyone else. Make it diplomatic and friendly, and keep your friendship as the top priority.

3. Be honest. If you don't think you can make a commitment--whether it be due to a conflicting set of plans or finances--let her know as early as possible.

4. Be prepared to give a lot of your time. This includes time for showers, engagement parties, bachelorette outings, rehearsal dinners and the big day.

5. Step up when there is a task no one else is handling. The bride has a lot on her mind and while you may not want the additional hassle of bringing deli cold cuts and chips the morning of the ceremony, it will help more than you can imagine to take something of her list.

6. Keep things in perspective on the big day and keep her first. While you might not love your hair, your makeup, or the time it's taking for the photographer to get the perfect shot, smile and keep a good attitude. She will love you for it.

For more fabulous advice, gorgeous photographs, and a unique variety of services--including planning the perfect proposal, boys!--check out Melissa's site.  


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