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During my stint as a bridesmaid in various weddings, I have received several adorable bridal party presents--classy customized jewelry, monogrammed make-up bags, beach towels, mani/pedis and even a bathrobe. But one thing I have never received is a Schmirnoff Ice, which was given to my boyfriend as his initial groomsman gift at a rehearsal dinner (there were, of course, other, cool, memorable gifts given!). If you're looking for something unique to give after you ice your groomsmen, or if you're a bride-to-be helping her man pick out his gifts, check out these unique options for a variety of budgets.

And please, whatever you do, if you're a groomsman, and you get a bottle of champagne as your gift, do not get drunk at the rehearsal dinner, shake it up, and proceed to spray it on your other bros while your friend's fiance looks on in horror. Yes, this is a true story. And, like my friend Monica says, it would be the equivalent of taking a Mont Blanc watch given as a gift and smashing it with a baseball bat. Sometimes, bros, it's better to act like men.


Looking for more ideas? Check out M4Men on Southport and Eddy in Lakeview or visit Uncommon Goods, sports websites (MLB, NFL, NCAA) or even The History Channel's website.


What's the most unique gift you've seen given for groomsmen?



Baseball Bat Bottle Opener:

Ballpark Cufflinks Yankees

Ballpark Cufflinks Variety of Stadiums

Beer of the Month Club

Golf Club Bottle Opener

Microbrew Mix

Monogrammed Decanter

Shower Radio

Monogrammed Travel Case

Monogrammed Travel Tray



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