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Happy Friday!

Is anyone else having a fantastic summer? I know this heat can be oppressive to some, but I relish it. After last year’s extended spring that transitioned directly into winter, I finally feel like Chicago is showing us the love. This weekend, I am half-way to marathon training and celebrating by running 13.1 in the... Read more »

Picking Teams in Gym Class

  When I was in elementary school, I was not an athlete. Not to say I am playing at the “advanced” levels in Chicago Sport and Social now, but if the 7th-grade me who couldn’t finish the “mile-run” day in gym class could see 29-year-old me training for a marathon, she would probably pass out in the nurse’s office... Read more »

Attention Chicago Brides! City-Themed Gift Bag

  For those brides-to-be who have not yet had the time-eating pleasure of visiting 100 Layer Cake, they’re featuring this incredible mix of Chicago-themed favors to be given in the gift bags at the hotel. No matter the city or town your wedding is located in, check out their different inspiration boards or create your own.... Read more »

Would you wear any color but white to your wedding?

    Have you ever wondered where some of the traditions seen countless times at wedding ceremonies and receptions around the country originated? Brides didn’t always wear white on their big day and vows weren’t always exchanged in church. Head on over to the Chicago History Museum on 1601 North Clark, where for $12 to... Read more »

You Come Here Often?

Yes, you might be lucky enough to meet boys like this at the gym. Or you could be like one of my girlfriends who is dating a guy she would see all the time in the weight room who she finally ran into at a bar. Motivation to sign up for a personal trainer? I think so.
One of my favorite things to discover when meeting a newly engaged couple is the story of how they met. If there is one thing I have learned from all of these weddings in my life, it is that you can meet the person you’re going to marry anywhere at any time. I don’t believe... Read more »

Bros Giving Bros Cool Groomsmen Gifts

Just another great gift he'll appreciate and one that will help ease the transition into adulthood without making him feel like he's giving up his youth.
During my stint as a bridesmaid in various weddings, I have received several adorable bridal party presents–classy customized jewelry, monogrammed make-up bags, beach towels, mani/pedis and even a bathrobe. But one thing I have never received is a Schmirnoff Ice, which was given to my boyfriend as his initial groomsman gift at a rehearsal dinner... Read more »

Confession Sunday: I like Raven Simone

Happy Sunday, friends! As a fun way to wrap up the weekend, I am going to reveal a secret about myself. Up until an embarassingly recent time, I regularly watched “That’s So Raven”. And with that off my chest, here’s another one–I would say phrases like “that’s so NOT raven” when I didn’t approve of something. No, I... Read more »

Running of the Brides

  Having never been engaged and therefore, having never shopped for a wedding dress (as far as anyone knows, right? What? Nothing!), I have never had the pleasure of experiencing the supposed chaos that constitutes a bridal sample sale. The only vision I have in my head is this. Don’t pretend you haven’t seen that episode a... Read more »

under the weather

Sorry for the lack of posts today, I was home sick and feeling very sleepy and foggy all day long. And this was going to be accompanied by a photo but it seems my computer photo app is under the weather too.  I’ll be back tomorrow!    

Talent of the Week: Kristen Lynn Photographie

If you’re a recently engaged bride, friend to a couple in the midst of wedding-planning, or maybe you just want to treat yourself to some one-of-a-kind art for that empty space above your couch, look no further than Kristen Lynn Photographie. The dream-like, quirky qualities of the husband and wife team’s work lend a mysteriously... Read more »