Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses In A Pinch

Last week I went to my friend Evo's art show and caught up with his adorable girlfriend who is in her sister's wedding in a few weeks. With the three remaining sisters as bridesmaids, everything is coming together with the exception of the dresses--a little bit stressful with the wedding so close. With the overall request from the bride being general--all the dresses should be mustard yellow but each girl will have a different dress--here are some of the options I sent her way. Have you ever been in a wedding where the colors were the same but the dresses were different? How about one where the dresses were completely up to the bridesdmaids with no rules? Would you have bright dresses or neutral for your wedding? And, yes, I have made the girl in question promise to let me know which dresses they end up wearing, and I will be sure to update the readers as well. Happy Thursday!

Nordstrom Dress, $87.90

Nordstrom Dress, $68.00

Arden B Dress, $64.99

Trina Turk Dress, $248

Mod Cloth Dress, $88.99

Adam Dress, $209

Windsor Dress, $34.90

Windsor Dress One Strap, $69.90

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