Two Wedding Slideshows in One Night? Hear Me Out...


Weddings bring with them several expected traditions--the bouquet toss, speeches, the cutting of the cake--but one of the most recent additions in the last few years is that of the slideshow. The debate is out whether a slide show is necessary during dinner (or in some cases, at the reception or in the reception entry way, placed strategically above the place cards), but for me, a girl who was taking pictures in the playground with her friends at age 8 and who, within 2 weeks of getting a new phone, has accumulated over 267 pictures, they're fantastic.

This weekend did not disappoint. Not only did Megan's new sister-in-law pull together a phenomenal slide show featuring Jon and Meg throughout childhood and courtship, including  a well-selected montage of Jon as a baby set to "Bad to the Bone" and a surprise live video of Jon in a hulu skirt and coconut bikini, but my friend Monica also alerted me to a new trend in slideshows: sharing a separate one with your bridal party. Her friend Tanvi had a party bus with a TV in the back, and during the in-between ceremony/reception window, her and the groom showed a special "bridal party only" slide show which included all of the pictures us sorority girls had to take down from our doors during rush. By no means does this have to be crass--it can just include the majority of college and group friend photos your family and extended circle of friends/dates doesn't need to see. I personally love this idea--whether it be at the after-party or on the bridal party bus. What do you think of this? Of slideshows at weddings in general?


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