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Happy Birthday Bride-to-Be!

The Knot and Brides Magazine offer excellent options, but there is a version for every type of bride. Help an overwhelmed bride-to-be breakdown exactly what she needs to take care of before the big day.
The other day a friend emailed me about getting gifts for a bride-to-be, but not for the shower or bachelorette party–for her birthday. Sometimes, the stars align just perfectly and you have a friend’s birthday fall directly after her engagement. Here are some adorable ideas of birthday gifts you can give to friends who are recently... Read more »

Always a Bridesmaid on Haute Apple Pie!

      Happy Thursday! And congrats to those Blackhawks. I will be back later with a regular post, but wanted to let you know the lovely ladies at Haute Apple Pie allowed me to be a guest blogger for their fabulous Wedding Month. Check it out here…hopefully it will make a post-game foggy morning... Read more »

Get Out Your Old Bridesmaid Dresses...

  Listen up, ladies! Get out those old bridesmaid dresses, dust off the pics of you in your favorite–or most embarassing!–bridal party wear, and send it into Gaylord Hotels Most Memorable Bridesmaid Dress contest. If chosen, you could win a trip for two to any Gaylord Hotels destination. Thanks to reader @lizfeldman for sharing this with... Read more »

Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses

  As a fan of all things vintage, I immediately fell in love with these adorable bridesmaids in various pastel dresses from days long gone. What a fantastic way to add a little personality to your bridal party and allow your bridesmaids to find dresses they feel comfortable in, as well as ones that express their individual... Read more »

Rainy Romance

  Oh my goodness, how romantic are these engagement pictures in the rain? As I have said, I am a sucker for a good storm, but I love how this couple embraced the weather (and each other) and ended up with an authentic, heart-tugging set of shots. To me, this is perfection.

Decoding Invites Part Two: The Name of the Game

  Last week I wrote about using the wording of a wedding invitation to determine the right thing to wear, so this week let’s talk about what’s in a name–specifically, what you can tell about a wedding based on the order, wording, and names included on an invitation. As a guest, I had absolutely no... Read more »

Steal of the Week! Wedding Paper Discount

  For those of you helping to plan a wedding, throwing a shower or party, or even those brides-to-be, Event Studio is having a 20% off sale on all paper goods from now through June 30th. Email me at for a coupon, then head on over to their location in Wicker Park and check out... Read more »

A Save the Date...Movie Trailer?

Yesterday my friend Gail sent me this epic Save the Date over email, and I wanted to share it with you all. Not only does this couple use classic movie references, but they don’t take themselves too seriously (I love how they openly call out the height difference), and they keep the whole 4-minute production... Read more »

You're Decipher This Invitation

The first time I got a Save the Date in the mail, I was ecstatic. It made me feel so grown up, and made me realize we were entering a whole new phase in our lives, one where the girl who used to dance on the bar at Kam’s in college was going to be... Read more »

Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses In A Pinch

Last week I went to my friend Evo’s art show and caught up with his adorable girlfriend who is in her sister’s wedding in a few weeks. With the three remaining sisters as bridesmaids, everything is coming together with the exception of the dresses–a little bit stressful with the wedding so close. With the overall... Read more »