Who Would Be in Your Celebrity Wedding Party?

Is anyone else ecstatic that it's Friday? To kick off the weekend, today's topic covers a fun question--who would you have in your celebrity bridal party? Most girls--and if they admit it, most guys!--have a loose idea of the friends they would invite to stand up in their wedding, but what if you got to pick and choose your favorite famous people? Here's a look at who would be standing next to me.

So who would you have? Have you ever met a celebrity? Is there a chance this could actually become a reality for some of you? The best celebrity I ever met was Zach Braff, and I believe I may have made things awkward based on his expression in the photo we took together. Whoops.



Kristin Wiig

Rachel Bilson

Joanna Goddard

Erin Andrews

Zooey Deschanel


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  • Ross Mathews because every girl needs a fabulous, funny gay man in her life.

  • Oooh. I'd have to have Anne Hathaway, Mandy Moore, Chrissie Wellington (professional triathlete), Tina Fey and Maggie Gyllenhaal. :)

  • Kristen Bell, Tina Fey (my bf refers to these two as my girlfriends), Amy Poehler, I do love Mandy Moore as well and Sofia Bush. I would dress them all in paper bags of course, so as not to upstage me ;)

  • I love these! Such a great mix of smart, funny, gorgeous women. I totally forgot about Maggie G. and Kristen Bell! Love them.

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