How to be a Bad Bridesmaid

Happy Monday! Don't worry, I am still your faithful bridesmaid, but this week I had to wrap up my old position at an agency I had been working with for five years, so my 14 hour days didn't leave a lot of time for writing. Never fear! This week will be filled to the brim with a wedding recap (this weekend is the first of a series of 3 weddings in the next 3 weeks!) and some exciting news.

So in the past, I have mentioned breaking the rules of being a bridesmaid. Typically, this is in a positive light--meaning that it's okay to break from tradition in the spirit of helping the bride and bridal party have the best time possible, but sometimes I have broken the rules in a "you should know better, brooke" type of way.


Today's lesson is about bridesmaid dresses. Namely, getting them sized and tailored correctly and in time. Below, a list of what NOT to do when it comes to your bridesmaid dress:

1. Don't just order a larger size because you can get it altered. Each dress is sized differently, but as a general rule, you don't want to go too small because you can't add fabric, but you can subtract. However, this doesn't mean you can get lazy and order a large size you know won't be too small because if it's too large (like my most recent dress), you'll pay for it (literally!) in tailoring costs.

2. Go early and go often (to the tailor!). Try to take your dress in at least a month ahead of time (instead of a week and a half, like yours truly) do and go back for check-ins if the alterations are major. Even if you do get a size close to your fit, some dresses surprise you. With this dress, there was a ton of extra material around the chest, and while I would love to pretend I can fill out a 36 DD, it's not happening.

3. Get your shoes, bra, and spanx in order by the time you get to the tailor. While I knew this dress had internal support, I didn't realize I would still need to wear a bra to help make up for the whole 36 DD issue. If only I would have figured this out before the morning of the wedding, I wouldn't have dragged my friend Monica to Target in our updo's.

After all this, I got lucky enough to have the dress fit and look flattering, which is largely in part to Megan choosing gorgeous dresses (even if the chest didn't fit me).  Plus, as I have said before, the day was about her, so no one was looking too closely at me anyway. That is, of course, until the lights on the dance floor came up, I got excited about something my friend's husband said and dropped a glass of wine....down the front of my dress. Yet another lesson to be learned about what not to do from your faithful bridesmaid.

What's the one thing you would tell friends to never do based on a bridesmaid mistake you have made?




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  • 1.) Those dresses are SOOO pretty!
    2.) I had this issue recently too but it was because another bridesmaid ordered her dress a month late and we didn't get our dresses until a month before the wedding. By the time I got my dress back from being altered it was 2 days before I had to leave for the wedding and I had to deal with looseness in the strapless dress! Not fun. Pretty much all of us (save for the late girl!!) had to tape and pin ourselves in.

    Late ordering=DEFINITE DON'T.

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