Bridal Party Prep: Wedding Countdown List

Happy Friday everyone! As I have mentioned, my 2010 "wedding season" is officially kicking off Memorial Day weekend, when my friend of over 20 years will walk down the aisle to a smart, handsome, ridiculously sarcastic guy I couldn't be happier to see her marry. Even though this is not my first wedding role (it's actually my ninth), it's been over a year since I stood up for a friend, and this is the only one I am standing up in this season. As I go through the preparations, I have been reminded of the small things a bridesmaid can overlook in preparation as well as the fun, exciting perks I like to treat myself to throughout the process. Below, a quick peak at some items on my list that I love, some that are just necessary, and some I almost always forget.  













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  • I was just in my 6th wedding a few weeks ago (and miraculously the only one I'm standing in out of 5 this summer!) and I'm proud to say I had the same list for myself and was finally on top of it!

    However, I need to come to terms with the fact that no matter how many itineraries I print out, add to my bf's google calendar, AND email to him to access on his Iphone, he will STILL call me the day of the wedding and and hour before the ceremony to get directions to the church. I think dates of bridesmaids need a list of things they can do to make the day easier on us too!

  • In reply to Mo131:

    That's genius! You just gave me an idea for a post next week.

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