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How to be a Bad Bridesmaid

Happy Monday! Don’t worry, I am still your faithful bridesmaid, but this week I had to wrap up my old position at an agency I had been working with for five years, so my 14 hour days didn’t leave a lot of time for writing. Never fear! This week will be filled to the brim with... Read more »

Find Your Constant

Happy Monday friends! If you’re like me, you watched Lost on Sunday night and laughed, cried, and said “what in the name of God just happened?” at one point…or several points. One of my favorite reoccurring themes in the show was that of redemption and finding your true love–whether it be after a few tries, or knowing at first shot... Read more »

then comes marriage...

    So I know this blog is about weddings, brides, and marriage, but once your friends start getting married, the baby showers and kids usually aren’t too far behind. I stumbled upon the cutest congratulatory card–perfect for a friend who is transitioning from a newly married to a newly mommy. Via Lovely Little Things

Bridal Party Prep: Wedding Countdown List

My best friend from pre-school was exceptionally generous in her wedding day festivities and treated everyone in her party to full hair and makeup application before walking down the aisle. Even if your makeup isn't taken care of, it's great to have a plan of how to change it up vs. your everyday look. Going to Sephora, Benefit, or any local department store can lend you some inspiration and some lessons for what will work best the big day.
Happy Friday everyone! As I have mentioned, my 2010 “wedding season” is officially kicking off Memorial Day weekend, when my friend of over 20 years will walk down the aisle to a smart, handsome, ridiculously sarcastic guy I couldn’t be happier to see her marry. Even though this is not my first wedding role (it’s actually my ninth), it’s been... Read more »

Black and Blue...and Pink...and Orange....and Yellow...

While I love a colored dress to stand out from the sea of black (whether it’s being worn at a wedding, rehearsal dinner or bachelorette party), sometimes falling back on the tried and true LBD is a fantastic option as well. One of my favorite looks is pairing a sleek black number–whatever the style–with black... Read more »

Monday Monday

  Good evening friends! Does anyone else remember this amazing poster from grade school? I wish I had it right now. Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend, but I am in the middle of a job move, our internet at home STILL is not up and running (can anyone remedy this for us…please?) and I... Read more »

Thursday Inspiration and Always a Bridesmaid on WGN Radio

Happy Thursday everyone! I am off on a business trip, so today’s post is focused on bridesmaids and wedding parties I am loving lately (from some of my favorite blogs out there). Hopefully this brightens your day and gives you inspiration for your own wedding or your role in upcoming nuptials. My Spring/Summer wedding season officially kicks off Memorial Day,... Read more »

Reader Question of the Week: How Much Money Per Gift?

  My office is set up so that we’re grouped in clusters of desks divided by low walls, and since I sit in a more lively area, the days are usually filled with group conversations about whatever interests us that day–whether it be who in their right mind would eat the new KFC Double Down sandwich (gag)... Read more »

Custom Paper Doll Bridesmaid Invites

How adorable are these bridesmaid invitations? I love the personalization, the simple step-by-step directions even those who never excelled at first grade art can follow (who’s with me?), and especially the fact that, as a bridesmaid, you immediately know who else is in the wedding party and thus can avoid the awkward “hey! did you... Read more »

Who Would Be in Your Celebrity Wedding Party?

Is anyone else ecstatic that it’s Friday? To kick off the weekend, today’s topic covers a fun question–who would you have in your celebrity bridal party? Most girls–and if they admit it, most guys!–have a loose idea of the friends they would invite to stand up in their wedding, but what if you got to pick... Read more »