Saltines and 7-UP: What's Your Post-Party Remedy?


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Good morning friends! Hopefully this Monday is treating you kindly, and you're not having difficulty forming full sentences like yours truly. As I mentioned Friday, one of my best friends and former roommates is getting married Memorial Day weekend and on Saturday, we celebrated her single years in style. Unfortunately, in an ode to the bride-to-be's favorite drink, this meant free-flowing champagne. Even though I knew what I was getting into for the evening, I forgot what a number this particular drink can do on me the next morning. Luckily I have some tried and true ways of dealing with this type of situation. Not so luckily, time traveling back to Saturday night and saying "no" to the fourth glass of champagne isn't one of them...yet!

With a fantastic wedding or bachelor/bachelorette party typically comes a not-so-fantastic morning after. Even if the morning's feelings aren't due to alcohol, lack of sleep and over-indulgence on food and dessert can also attribute to spending more time in bed/the bathroom/Taco Bell than you had originally planned. (Sometimes you spend time in all three places--not necessarily in that order).

Throughout the years I have heard a number of different approaches to this, but my personal tried and true favorite is a mix of Saltines and 7-up. This works even better if I alternated alcohol with water the night before (which I tried my best to do on Saturday!) If these two items go down well, usually I will add some greasy food to the mix--Hollywood Grill, anyone?--or of course, your standard fast food deliciousness. This is not, for me, under any circumstances, the time to try out a high-class brunch establishment or even get a salad. From experience, neither of these situations will end well. For anyone.

So what do you like to do the morning after a great wedding or bachelor(ette) party? I have friends that swear by McDonald's breakfast, others that are convinced Alka-Selzter works wonders, and of course there is always the hair-of-the-dog approach...which I can't see consistently working unless you don't have a full time job or you are Jimmy Buffet. In which case, Jimmy, thank you for reading my blog. See you at Alpine!


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