Post-Wedding Depression: Why the 2010 NCAA Tourney Is Like a Great Wedding



the underdog's face of hope...and the reason any girl who didn't care about b-ball watched the game last night

Although I had a traditional post planned for today (which I still might write tomorrow, depending on how crazy my afternoon gets), after watching Butler lose and feeling my heart sink into a solid rock in the bottom of my stomach, I got to thinking about what a gaping hole this March Madness tournament is going to leave in my life. Yes, I know that sounds overdramatic. It's 64 teams, none of which were my alma mater (oh, Bruce Weber) and it's only a month out of the year. But man...what a month. After last year's horribly mundane dance in which no one was paying attention by the time the championship game played (minus UNC and MSU like I said, no one*), this year's tourney delivered in spades. But I know you didn't come here to read me lament about Butler's loss (it's only been 9 years, Duke. Settle down.). What does all of this have to do with weddings?

If you've ever been to an amazing wedding, you might have experienced post-reception let-down. Similar to the day after Christmas or Halloween (depending on your religion or your preference for presents over candy), when a night of nuptials comes together in the right way, it can feel brutal coming back to work on Monday, the next Saturday seems like a drag without a wine-soaked dance to the Cha Cha song, and you get unreasonably mad at your friend who is dragging her feet on uploading her reception pics to facebook. Weddings, unlike almost any other non-religious holiday event (New Year's Eve anyone?), can dish out genuinely good times that actually deliver above their expectations--and they're on a different plane all together than birthdays. With a wedding, you get to see two people you (fingers crossed!) genuinely care about begin a future together that lies freshly unmarked in front of them. What other event beyond retirement or a funeral do you get to have all of your friends and family together, celebrating you and the person you love most, in the exact style and setting of your choosing? When else do 80-year-olds and 10-year-olds dance side by side to Journey?  Why do so many people fly so many miles in order to come together for ten minutes of mediocre food (disclaimer: any friend who is reading this blog had delicious food at his/her reception) and 3 hours of blurry picture taking? When all the stars truly align at a wedding, it's a universally enjoyable night. Whether you're the great uncle, the ring bearer, or the date of a cousin, when a wedding delivers, it runs on all cylinders. Similar to the second Northern Iowa beat Kansas, the moment you saw your friend's grandpa and grandma dancing to  "the Thong Song", you knew it was all over. That reception was going down in the books as top ten material. Period.

So what to do when you wake up the next morning and realize another wedding's come and gone? For starters, plan something with your friends for when the couple gets back from the honeymoon. Then, do one better--plan something the next weekend with your circle and any newbies you met at the reception. That cute dateless friend of the groom? Bring it.  Take mental notes on what you liked for your own wedding (Sisqo? Check!). Start a running pool amongst your group on who's going to tie the knot next. Or better yet, when the newly married couple is going to conceive! (Trust me, newly marrieds love this! Nothing is better or more relaxing for them.).And don't forget the easiest remedy for re-living the moment. Upload your pictures to facebook! (Seriously, Katie, upload them. It's been two weeks).

What do you do to keep the high going from a great wedding? How do you make the Monday back to work manageable? And the most important question, why could Butler not make a lay-up in the last eight minutes of the game?

*The bridesmaid apologizes for any offensive comments made about other sports teams as they were made in bitterness after the Butler loss. She respects all fans of sports and teams, except those of the New York Yankees.


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  • I've often found that waking up in my dress the next morning allows the memories to stay alive just a bit longer...

  • In reply to Bean2957:

    That tip might be worth its own post

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