I Wish That I Knew What I Know Now: Surprising Tips for Wedding Parties and Guests



Do you have Rod Stewart in your head? Then half my job is done. As with the Under $100 weekly posts, I wanted to devote Wednesday to Weird Wedding Tips that I would have never been able to plan or predict. This is what I am here for, people! So that you're never stuck half blind/starving/broke/not sure where you are when you wake up. Yes, all of those things have happened to me, and yes, you have to come back every week to find out how to prevent them from happening to you. I can't give away all my secrets at once! Why buy the cow, know what I'm sayin?


This week's tip applies especially to those in the wedding party, but also to anyone attending a long wedding--you'd just need to be more discreet. When you're packing your bag in the morning (which typically will be more than just your purse because you'll be going to get your hair and makeup done before you change), slip in some snacks. I know this sounds simple and rudimentary, and maybe you're one of those born-to-be-mothers who always has a granola bar, Kleenex, cold medicine and an extra mitten in your purse, but when I was in my first wedding, I brought nothing beyond a pack of gum.

What's the problem? you're thinking. My friend said she'd have food in the bridal room! While every bride can plan to the utmost detail the day of her wedding, things are bound to be out of her control. In one wedding, hair and makeup ran over, we got to the church excited to eat, and only had time to take pictures before lining up. Cut to me standing next to the bride in front of the church, breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth while making sure my knees weren't locking, all in an effort not to faint because all I had in my stomach was a banana. In another, my friend was married on the day of torrential downpours in Chicago (think the Kennedy shutting down and the El flooding) and her final bridesmaid (who is notoriously early) got stuck in traffic, arriving 10 minutes before we left for the church. You never know what is going to happen so it's best to always prep yourself for the worst. I am not saying to bring a lean cuisine or a PB&J but even a small bag of trail mix or a granola bar (thanks supermom) will save you from a pass-out moment. Small purse? Bring a tiny bag of almonds or even raisins. Because you want to be remembered as the girl who helped the bride calm down, not the one who knocked her over on your way down.

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