Bridal Shower Idea: Customized Comic Strip

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When planning a bridal shower, there are a lot of things to take into account--the place, the date, the food, the decor...your sanity. One of the things that tends to fall further down the list is the question of games and favors. Today, I offer up a unique and customizeable idea borrowed from my friend Amanda's wedding (and our friend Alan's talent). If you have a little time, this is a great way to offer some personality to the shower whether it be through a leave-behind favor or a game the guests can play during gift-opening.

Amanda and her fiance Dan were both employed at a summer camp where they met, and eventually where he proposed to her while sitting side by side in front of the lake. As an added bonus for their wedding guests, they offered up customized comic-style mad libs at each place setting that told the story of that special night with a select amount of words missing. Guests could fill in their own version of the story and return for Dan and Amanda to enjoy.

Although this idea is perfect for a wedding, how great would it be for a bridal shower or bachelorette party? Why not have guests fill in the blanks and turn into the bride, so at the end of the shower or pre-party, she can choose her favorite--or the most accurate? Or you could turn this into a customize-able shower invitation that guests fill out and bring with them to the party for the bride to keep.

Whichever way you slice it, allowing the bride and groom's story and personality to shine through in a way that is interactive for the guests is a memorable way to get the party started. Best of all, the bride will have several frameable keepsakes for years to come.

Even if you're not a designer or feeling especially artistic, you could get creative with existing comics or collages.  Posting an ad on crasiglist for freelance designers could net in a deal with someone who wants to build their design portfolio for a budget rate.  And, as mentioned in yesterday's post, there are plenty of designers and sellers on Etsy as well who would be willing to work with your idea! 

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