"...and you can totally wear it again!" bridesmaids' dresses, lies, and barcrawls

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Oh hello, lucky ladies. Shall we take a poll of how many of you have worn your dress again?

If you've been in a wedding or two, you've probably heard (usually during the "big reveal" of the bridesmaid's dress) that "not only will it make you look hot, but you'll be able to wear again!" Open your mouth and I'll spoon feed you another. Don't get me wrong, I have been extremely lucky with my friends' choices when it comes to style--the dresses I have worn were flattering, in great solid colors (i.e. not orange floral), and made me feel confident--but what did I do with them when they were done? Set up a closet where bridesmaid and prom (yes, I graduated high school over a decade ago) dresses go to die...or at least stare in awkward silence at each other. So what are your options when the dress was adorable but you don't have any black tie events or Vanna White replacement auditions in your future?

First, off, head over to Donate My Dress--a website that lists clothing drives in your neighborhood--to give your dresses a second life as prom wear for girls who otherwise couldn't afford it.



Second, why not join the most creative recycling opportunity of bridesmaid dresses to hit this city? Join former bridesmaids and groomsmen from across Chicago as they come together for the third annual Bridesmaid Barcrawl, taking place May 15. Started by a group of friends while they were on the way to their fifth/sixth/twentieth wedding, the event is open to both girls and guys (who are encouraged to wear tuxes or any sort of wedding wear they can find) and ends at Wellington's in a "reception" complete with decorations and bouquets. If you're interested, click the link below and reply to the invite. It's an open event, and unlike Hollywood, this wedding welcomes crashers.

Click here for the invitation!


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