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Survival Guide: Wedding Toast Tips

  A while back, I talked about getting toast bombed–getting asked to give a speech at a wedding or rehearsal dinner with no warning–and what to do about it. But what about when you have plenty of warning–as in up to a year? Sometimes, the pressure of knowing you will be speaking at the reception is... Read more »

What Makes a Good Toast?

    Happy Thursday! Sorry for the short and semi-lame post, but it’s been a doozy of a week and I promise to be back to my normal posting style tomorrow. In an effort to get everyone prepped for my Friday post, I wanted to share this cute best man speech from Glamour’s Wedding Blog... Read more »

"Congratulations! Can I pay off your AMEX?" Existing Debt as a Wedding Gift

    As each generation matures, gets engaged, walks down the aisle and starts a family (or maybe does none of those things), what is known as “tradition” continually changes. As I have stated, I’m a personal fan of customizing your wedding any way you see fit. If that means a Star Wars wedding (hells yea!), getting engaged... Read more »

Unique Bridal Gifts: Customized Bride Sketches

If you don’t subsribe to Daily Candy Weddings  (like hopefully all non-engaged girls who don’t write a blog about weddings), you might have missed one of the coolest ideas of late I’ve seen for a newlywed gift. I know I just posted a unique art idea last week for bridal shower or engagement gifts, but this option is... Read more »

Saltines and 7-UP: What's Your Post-Party Remedy?

  Good morning friends! Hopefully this Monday is treating you kindly, and you’re not having difficulty forming full sentences like yours truly. As I mentioned Friday, one of my best friends and former roommates is getting married Memorial Day weekend and on Saturday, we celebrated her single years in style. Unfortunately, in an ode to... Read more »

Under $100: Tops for Bachelorette Parties

Happy Friday! I am especially excited for this weekend because tomorrow night I will be celebrating one of my closest and oldest (in number of years knowing, not age!) friend’s bachelorette parties. Our group has been tight-knit since third grade, and this is the first time we’ll be together in months, so it should be a memorable night. Given that a bachelorette... Read more »

Bridal Shower Idea: Customized Comic Strip

When planning a bridal shower, there are a lot of things to take into account–the place, the date, the food, the decor…your sanity. One of the things that tends to fall further down the list is the question of games and favors. Today, I offer up a unique and customizeable idea borrowed from my friend Amanda’s wedding (and our friend... Read more »

Bridal Gifts: Adorable Personalized Prints

  While every girl (including my friend Kate who just told me a story of getting re-gifted at her own bridal shower…ouch!) registers for her wedding in order to create a perfect wish list of items to start her new life with the hubby, it can be nice at times to add something extra to... Read more »

"...and you can totally wear it again!" bridesmaids' dresses, lies, and barcrawls

Oh hello, lucky ladies. Shall we take a poll of how many of you have worn your dress again? If you’ve been in a wedding or two, you’ve probably heard (usually during the “big reveal” of the bridesmaid’s dress) that “not only will it make you look hot, but you’ll be able to wear again!”... Read more »

Survival Series: Unique Chicago Shower Locations

Happy Thursday, friends! So sorry about the lack of daily posts this week. Our wireless has been down in my apartment, my full-time job has been pretty hectic, and also, I like to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Moving right along, today’s post is in response to a reader question I received about throwing an affordable... Read more »