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When I was growing up taking writing classes, my teachers always taught me to "write what you know". After 29 years on this earth, I pride myself in knowing a little about a lot (with special emphasis on the Red Sox, speed texting, 80's trivia and every single line to Goonies), but looking backwards through my 20's, what I know the most about--albeit unplanned--is standing up in and attending weddings. Since graduating college, I have averaged about 7 to 10 weddings per year with my maximum in one season reaching 12. My boyfriend mentioned last night that my wedding run must be "winding down" to which I rattled off at about 8 close girl and guy friends who had yet to tie the knot--many of whom are still single.

My point here is not to brag about how popular I am because I'm not. (Also, I tried that once in 7th grade and it had an adverse affect. Popular people don't tell other people they're popular. They also don't wear red, black and white speckled glasses and cart their dolls around to other people's houses at the age of 12, but that's another entry for another day).

Instead, I wanted to start this blog as a an open conversation involving everything weddings, but here's the catch--this blog is written from the perspective of every role but the bride.

Rather than explain how to pull off your dream wedding without a hitch, this blog will discuss all of the questions I wish I had known years ago, some of which I didn't even know to ask. How late can you send a wedding gift? What if someone wants you to give a speech, but they don't tell you until you're 4 drinks deep and due to speak in 5 minutes? How should you deal if your friend's fiance is a d-bag? Could your friend possibly be color blind, or does she really think those bridesmaids' dresses are pretty? All of these questions and more are fair game right here.

I don't claim to be the perfect wedding guest or bridal party member. In fact, several instances come to mind where I was anything but--one in particular involving night swimming in Lake Geneva after the rehearsal dinner, a subsequent visit from the cops, and a missing contact lens the day of the wedding. I do hope to share my mistakes and mishaps to help prevent (or maybe encourage!) you from doing the same thing. Attending weddings as a single guy or gal can be a bit of a minefield, but it can also be incredibly fun and rewarding You only have so many years to attend weddings as an un-married guest, and they can be some of the best memories of your life. So please, feel free to ask, answer, comment and share. After all, weddings wouldn't be weddings without the guests.

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