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My Car Bumblebee Bug Survives Blizzard 2011 (VIDEO)

My boyfriend was sweet enough to dig Bumblebee a parking spot. I forgot to get a picture of that though.
This has been one hell of a week for drivers everywhere. I hope everyone made it home in one piece. Bumblebee Bug survived the storm, but he spent most of it in the WGN parking lot. There was no way I was driving out of that messy blizzard. It’s weeks like this I wish my... Read more »

Photo Highlights of 2010

I actually met Katie at the Clone Wars event, and we both wore our Her Universe t-shirts! Our glasses match and everything, we're like twins.
2010 was one of the best years of my life, and I owe a lot of that to this blog on Chicago Now! I’ve had a chance to meet people I admire, interview people I’m a fan of, all while doing the things I love (being geeky and wearing costumes). Looking back I found pictures... Read more »

12 Geek Gifts for Under $20

$19.99 at ThinkGeek.com
Christmas is just around the corner, and I know there are a lot of last minute shoppers out there. When shopping for the geek in your life, you don’t always have to go for expensive electronics. Being a geek myself, I can tell you that we enjoy unique and interesting gifts. For the most part,... Read more »

Celebrity Encounters: Chicago Comic Con 2010

Rubbing elbows with celebrities is one of the highlights of any convention experience. Chicago Comic Con was no exception. Having interviewed some of the guests before the event, gave me a good reason to introduce myself to them. I was actually more nervous than I expected to be. Everyone I met and spoke to were... Read more »

Bumblebee Adventures: Chicago Comic Con

  Nash and Mark Ryan with the Bumblebee Bug When I told Transformers voice actor Mark Ryan (Bumblebee and Jetfire) about my car, the Bumblebee Bug, he offered to take some pictures with it at Chicago Comic Con. I was so excited! When I told Bumblebee, he was so excited and he demanded to get... Read more »

Interview with Transformers voice actor Mark Ryan

This weekend, I had the pleasure of speaking with the talented British actor and stuntman, Mark Ryan. He’s recently known for his work on the Transformers films. Mark serves as the on set voice actor for all the robots during filming. In addition, he provided the on screen voice for Bumblebee in the 2007 Transformers... Read more »

Nash visits the Transformers 3 set

Nash visits the Transformers 3 set
Well, it has been on eventful weekend for yours truly. Friday was my college graduation, which was a long time coming, and Saturday I visted the set of Transformers 3. Michael Bay and his crew have been taking over the streets of Chicago for a week now, and after seeing everyone’s pictures from last week,... Read more »

The Bumblebee Bug

The Bumblebee Bug
If any of you have seen my car, you would think I have some weird obsession with robots. Well, you’d be correct. I drive the Bumblebee Bug, a yellow 2006 Volkswagen Beetle heavily inspired by the Autobot. When it was time for me to make my very first car purchase, I was excited to actually... Read more »

Run-in with a Decepticon on I-94

Run-in with a Decepticon on I-94
Last night, I believe I was driving alongside a Decepticon from the Transformers 3 movie. It was dark, but I distinctly saw the words “Safeguard” and Decepticon symbols. I’m a new fan to Transformers myself, so I’m not as well versed in all the back stories and names of the robots. So after some extensive... Read more »

Transformers 3 to ditch offensive Autobots

I’ve recently found out that the very controversial, ebonics speaking Autobots known as Skids and Mudflap (The Twins) will not be returning for Transformers 3. Transformers Director, Michael Bay told fans yesterday on his official message board that “The Twins are not back in T3.” We all know they didn’t die in the last movie,... Read more »