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Fangirl Moment: The Arsenal Costume Reveal

Fangirl Moment: The Arsenal Costume Reveal
With two seasons under its belt, a third season on the way, and a spin-off series launching this fall, the CW’s Arrow has truly become one of my favorite shows. Last season, I was happy to see Roy Harper become a more prominent character and an actual student of the green-hooded vigilante himself. When Roy,... Read more »

Look Mom, I'm "Costumer of the Week!"

Today I got a Facebook notification from Lenny Java, also known as LJImagination. His website features cosplayers from all walks of life. And his Facebook page, LJImagination Presents Costumer of the Week! showcases a different cosplayers every week (I guess that part was pretty self-explanatory). This is what he had to say about yours truly:... Read more »

Cosplay Photoshoot with Lesson 5 Photography

Recently, my boyfriend and I had the opportunity to do a cosplay photoshoot with Lesson 5 Photography in our Green Arrow and Speedy costumes. We were outside the McCormick Place in the loading dock area, which set the perfect scene for a couple of crime fighters like ourselves. Rich Johannsen (Lesson 5 Photography) The man... Read more »

Costume Showcase: Speedy

Speedy from DC Comics With all my costumes, I thought it would be a good idea to showcase them so you can find out about the inspiration and construction of each of them. Since I’m in a super Smallville mood at the moment (in light of the resent news of the up coming season 10),... Read more »