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My First Pathfinder Society Experience

My First Pathfinder Society Experience
I absolutely love Pathfinder, but as any (adult) gamer knows, real life gets in the way of getting your gaming group together. Some of our players work weekends, my husband and I can’t play on weeknights because of our work schedules, and another one of our players has a newborn. Sometimes you just have other... Read more »

Table Top RPGs: The Next Level of Nerdom

Pathfinder Beginner Box, and all that comes with it!
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If you’ve read my blog at all, you know that I’m into a lot of geeky things. I love sci-fi/fantasy series, video games, cosplay, conventions, renaissance faires, and my car is a VW Autobot. My fiance, Mike, and I actually met at a comic book convention, so he’s very much a geek too. Although we... Read more »