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Albion Swords & Mark Ryan Visit Chicago Comic Con

The detail on these swords is just incredible! <br />Photo Credit: Rich Johannsen (Lesson 5 Photography)
Over the weekend at Chicago Comic Con, I had the opportunity to catch up with Mark Ryan. He was attending the convention, not as a guest, but to support the people of Albion Swords. Albion Swords is a Wisconsin based company that creates incredible limited edition, museum quality swords. These guys take their craft seriously,... Read more »

ACME Design Inc.

I recently had a chance to visit the folks at ACME Design Inc., in Elgin, IL. ACME creates replicas, sculptures, props, and prototypes for television, print, trade shows, video games…well, to sum it all up, they’re pretty much awesome people who make awesome stuff! As a cosplayer and an avid fan of props and visual... Read more »