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Because one Halloween costume wasn't enough!

Friday, I wore my Hogwarts School uniform to work. Representing the Hufflepuff House! I don't think anyone at work has ever seen me in a tie. Most people got it, but there were a few who thought I was just "dressed up" for some random reason.
I have an extensive collection of costumes in my closet, so naturally one costume wasn’t enough for me this year. I suppose I was making up for my lame Halloween last year. Last Halloween I celebrated with a Smallville marathon, and I sort of half-assed a costume for work (but not a lot of people... Read more »

10 things I loved about CYPHAN!

10 things I loved about CYPHAN!
3-Day Cyphan badge I spent the weekend at the first Cyphan convention in Wheeling. For a first year sci-fi con, I thought it was pretty awesome. I’ve gone to a lot of conventions in the past, and the formula is usually the same. You have a costume contest, celebrity guests, dealers room, artists, panels, gaming,... Read more »