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Last Days of Smallville: Episode 19 Dominion

This episode was so intense. There was some brutal, hardcore, gladiator style combat. Sparks were flying, blood was flowing, and Clark and Oliver never looked so manly. I’ll admit, I was skeptical of a Zod episode at this point in the series. But they were able to tie in Darkseid to this episode, and it... Read more »

Last Days of Smallville: Episode 7 - Ambush (VIDEO)

Lois and Clark are together, happy, and have no secrets to hide from each other. Of course something has to come in and mess up their romantic bliss, because…well…it’s Smallville. Ambush was a really awesome episode, and it really tested Lois and Clark’s relationship. Rick Flag and the Suicide Squad make another appearance, and they... Read more »

Last Days of Smallville: Episode 6 - Harvest (VIDEO)

Ok, I’m totally late on this Harvest video review. Last week was Halloween, and I was out of town, and then real life got in the way of my blogging life. Despite my lack of vlogging, I did get a chance to put together a pretty sweet female Blur costume. Because I vowed to post... Read more »

Last Days of Smallville: Episode 5 - Isis (VIDEO)

 I’m still very much in love with last week’s 200th episode of Smallville, but we must move on, right? This week’s episode was pretty good. The goddess Isis is unleashed, and she has taken Lois as her vessel. If that’s not bad enough, it’s also the same day Clark was planning on telling Lois his secret.... Read more »