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Pokémon X and Y: First Impression

Pokémon X and Y: First Impression
I haven’t been hooked on a Pokémon game since Heart Gold and Soul Silver in 2010. I started to play Pokémon Black about a year ago, which has an amazing story, but I think the lack of familiar Pokémon made me less excited to “catch ‘em all.” For the story alone, I do want to go back and... Read more »

Upscaled geeked-out Valentine's weekend

After some serious indulging, we worked out for a couple of hours this weekend. Did I mention I love the Wii?
Photo Courtesy: I’ve always been a hopeless romantic. So, of course, I love Valentine’s Day. I would have been happy staying in and watching all the romantic comedies Lifetime had on all weekend. I never expect too much from my boyfriend, since my birthday is a week before Valentine’s Day. Much to my surprise,... Read more »