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I love Dragon Quest IX

Available after completing Quest #118. I couldn't find a throrough description of these characters, but they can use Fans, Whips, Boomerangs, and Shields as far was weapons go. Their other skills seem to be related to their charm and personality.
Life has been pretty busy lately, and books and video games have been my recent escape. Sunday, my boyfriend and I started playing Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. Dragon Quest IX is a role playing fantasy adventure game. Originally my boyfriend gave me this game for the Nintendo DS for Christmas, but... Read more »

Sleepless nights of a gamer-girl

  I guess I can call myself a “gamer” now. But not the XBox Live, PS3 type. Nooo…I’m totally a Nintendo DS girl. Games with wifi, and touch screens, that I can fit in my purse and play anywhere are full of win! After my boyfriend and I did our 80s Team Rocket costumes at... Read more »

Pokemon: The game that rules my life (VIDEO)

Pokemon: The game that rules my life (VIDEO)
I’m all about the Pokemon! It’s not just a kid’s game anymore. I think it’s safe to classify this as an obsession. My Pokewalker is always clipped to my belt every single day. I’ll stay up late training Pokemon just so I can beat the next gym leader. I keep my Nintendo DS in my... Read more »

Crazy About Pokémon: My impulsive video game purchase

My boyfriend and I now have matching DS Lites! I was officially dubbed the “most awesome girlfriend ever,” after I gave my boyfriend a silver Nindento DS Lite, Pokémon Pearl, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, for our one-year anniversary this past weekend. My boyfriend is a huge gamer, and I’ve had my DS Lite for... Read more »

C2E2 Interview with Game Developer Dan Vader (Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes)

Might and Magic Clash of Heroes: HD gaming with hand animated characters and beautifully painted backgrounds Might and Magic Clash of Heroes is an innovative video game that combines puzzles and role playing adventure with amazing hand drawn animation. Clash of Heroes is a prequel in the Might and Magic game series, set 40 years... Read more »