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CH: "Cosplay with My Heart" Music Video

The folks at College Humor have created an cute new music video parody about cosplay (set to the music of Bruno Mars). I actually hadn’t seen the actual music video for the Mars song. I googled it after watching the College Humor version, and it’s an excellent parody indeed. The cosplay song is about a... Read more »

Pokemon: The game that rules my life (VIDEO)

Pokemon: The game that rules my life (VIDEO)
I’m all about the Pokemon! It’s not just a kid’s game anymore. I think it’s safe to classify this as an obsession. My Pokewalker is always clipped to my belt every single day. I’ll stay up late training Pokemon just so I can beat the next gym leader. I keep my Nintendo DS in my... Read more »

Star Wars Parody Music Videos

Boba Fett from “Galactic Empire State of Mind” ( Thanks to all my nerdy friends who post videos and share links with me, I watch a good number of entertaining parody videos. Admittedly my favorite ones usually involve some sort of Star Wars characters. The web is loaded with fan films and parody videos, but... Read more »