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Kollision Con is this week!

These glass potion bottles will be available as necklaces (and cell phone charms if I can get more bottles before Friday).
Kollision Con is FRIDAY! I’m super excited because this is the first convention where I’ll have an Artist Alley table! I’ve hand-sculpted hundreds of charms. Some of the items I’ll be selling at Kollision Con aren’t available in my Etsy Store yet. Since this is my first show, I have no idea what people would... Read more »

Making polymer clay fruit canes

Citrus fruit canes seem to be the easiest ones for beginners. First I cut my green/translucent clay mix into 8 slices (like a pie), and put white clay between each slice.
Various Fruit Canes (Courtesy: So I’ve been working on a few clay projects for my Etsy store, Charms by Nash. I’m also learning a lot of techniques through video tutorials, message boards, and an amazing book called The Polymer Clay Cookbook. Miniature food charms have, so far, been my favorite thing to make out... Read more »