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Sleepless nights of a gamer-girl

  I guess I can call myself a “gamer” now. But not the XBox Live, PS3 type. Nooo…I’m totally a Nintendo DS girl. Games with wifi, and touch screens, that I can fit in my purse and play anywhere are full of win! After my boyfriend and I did our 80s Team Rocket costumes at... Read more »

Real life Pokemon (PICS)

Real life Pokemon (PICS)
Not too long ago my boyfriend and I bought the newest installments of the Pokemon games. Pokemon HeartGold is currently my new obsession. It is possibly the most addicting Nintendo DS game ever. I just traded a Flaaffy for a Pikachu in a global wifi trade earlier this week (wifi handheld games ROCK). My boyfriend... Read more »

Crazy About Pokémon: My impulsive video game purchase

My boyfriend and I now have matching DS Lites! I was officially dubbed the “most awesome girlfriend ever,” after I gave my boyfriend a silver Nindento DS Lite, Pokémon Pearl, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, for our one-year anniversary this past weekend. My boyfriend is a huge gamer, and I’ve had my DS Lite for... Read more »