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Water Cooler War Stories of a Tabletop Gamer

Water Cooler War Stories of a Tabletop Gamer
At the end of last year, I started playing Pathfinder with my husband. For those of you who don’t know, Pathfinder is a tabletop fantasy role-playing game (RPG), who’s game mechanics are like Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition with some modifications. I posted a blog about how hard it was to find a gaming group,... Read more »

Why Finding a Gaming Group is like Dating

Why Finding a Gaming Group is like Dating
My husband Mike and I have finally finished the Pathfinder Beginner Box, and I’m ready to venture into the world of Core Rules gaming! The problem is, a decent sized gaming group is usually 5 people (1 Game Master and 4 Players). Mike’s normal gaming group lives in Michigan, which is quite the trek if... Read more »

Etsy Artist Spotlight: House of Darkly

The House of Darkly Table at C2E2
As an artist with a small craft business, I’m always intrigued by other artists who take their craft and turn it into a full-time job. I thought some of their stories would be great to feature on my blog. While searching the internet for cute handmade items, I stumbled upon this completely adorable plush black... Read more »

Geek for Life!

My tattoos (left to right): Original line art I designed in high school, cross with rose vines, Kryptonian symbol for the house of El. Pretty boring compared to the tattoo pictures I found online. Tattoos are everywhere…if you don’t have one (or several), I’m sure you know someone who does. Everyone is branding their bodies... Read more »

Geeky Weddings

I wonder if they played the “Imperial March” It’s no secret that I’m a big geek. I have a huge costume collection, I go to conventions, and I collect toys. Many people who know me, believe that I will be having some sort of geektastic wedding, with a theme. Lots of my friends have been... Read more »