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Dragon*Con 2010 Recap and Photos

Myself as Speedy and my friend Fran as Donna Troy She’s ALIVE!!!…Well, it’s been a while since I’ve bloggged. That’s because I was on vacation. A week and a half of awesomeness. I’m still trying to adjust to the regular routines of my everyday life. Not only did I finally beat the Elite Four and... Read more »

Road trip to "Nerdi Gras"

Well, today is the day! After work tonight, I’m going to take a much-needed nap, load up the car, and my boyfriend Mike and I will venture on our first big road trip together. So where does an awesomely geeky couple like us go for Labor Day weekend you might ask? To Atlanta for Dragon*Con!!!... Read more »

The road to Dragon*Con

  Some of you may have read my previous blog about Dragon*Con, the most epic convention I’ll be attending this year. I’m still recovering from last week’s Chicago Comic Con, and next week I’ll be packing up and driving down to Atlanta for 4 days of cosplay, parties, and shenanigans. A good number of my... Read more »

Dragon*Con: The ultimate pop culture convention

Dragon*Con: The ultimate pop culture convention
DragonCon is by far the largest convention I’ve ever gone to. It takes place every year during Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. I like to think of DragonCon as a cosplayers’ convention. There is absolutely no limit to what costumes you’ll see on the convention floor. Because DragonCon is a multi-genre event, the costumes... Read more »

Close Encounter with Adam West

A couple of years ago, I went to my first Dragon*Con.  Dragon*Con is a massive multigenre convention held in Atlanta, GA every year during Labor Day weekend. When one of my co-workers found out that Adam West would be appearing at this convention, he told me it was my goal to get a picture with... Read more »

Hot Geek Girls

So after pondering ideas for my next blog topic, I started looking through my photos from conventions past. I started to see a bit of a trend in my pictures, and I’ve come to this conclusion…a lot of geek girls who cosplay are HOT! If ever you were looking for a women who loves comics, anime,... Read more »