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Beauty and the Beast TV series gets revamped

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I can’t say I ever watched the Beauty and the Beast TV series from the 80s, but it was on for 3 seasons, so obviously someone was watching it. The original series staring Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman, follows the relationship between the man-beast Vincent (Perlman), and district attorney Catherine (Hamilton). Vincent lives in a... Read more »

Green Arrow is coming back to The CW

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I’m sure everyone has heard by now that a new comic book series is coming to The CW. The series Arrow follows the DC Comics hero Green Arrow. As a Smallville fan I was freaking excited to see Green Arrow return to The CW. Sadly this series is not connected to Smallville in anyway. This... Read more »

Preparing for Season 10 of Smallville

Scene from Season 10 Premiere “Lazarus” The CW © 2010 I’d like to warn all my readers that the next several months will be pretty interesting for me…the final season of Smallville starts next week, and I’m filled with mixed emotions right now. I’ve talked about Smallville plenty of times on this blog, and I’m... Read more »