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GenCon: First Time Event Registration

GenCon: First Time Event Registration
GenCon is my most highly anticipated event this year. I’ve been to anime, comic, fantasy, and sci-fi convention, but I’ve never gone to a gaming convention. Over the weekend, GenCon’s event registration opened up on Sunday afternoon. GenCon doesn’t even begin until August 14th, but most attendees had their itinerary planned well before registration opened... Read more »

Upcoming Geeky Summer Events In the Midwest

Upcoming Geeky Summer Events In the Midwest
Although it’s just starting to finally feel like Spring in Chicago, I’m getting pumped for the Summer events I’ll be attending. There will be lots of crafting, gaming, costumes, and good times in my future. GeeklyCon | Chicago Area (June 19 – 22) Don’t let the name fool you, GeeklyCon may sound like a hot... Read more »

Etsy Artist Spotlight: House of Darkly

The House of Darkly Table at C2E2
As an artist with a small craft business, I’m always intrigued by other artists who take their craft and turn it into a full-time job. I thought some of their stories would be great to feature on my blog. While searching the internet for cute handmade items, I stumbled upon this completely adorable plush black... Read more »

Kollision Con is this week!

These glass potion bottles will be available as necklaces (and cell phone charms if I can get more bottles before Friday).
Kollision Con is FRIDAY! I’m super excited because this is the first convention where I’ll have an Artist Alley table! I’ve hand-sculpted hundreds of charms. Some of the items I’ll be selling at Kollision Con aren’t available in my Etsy Store yet. Since this is my first show, I have no idea what people would... Read more »

Gearing up for my first Artist Alley experience

The Key Lime Pie Earrings are my most popular earrings, and I'm the most proud of these (I made those tiny lime slices myself!).
I’ve gone to a lot of conventions over the past few year, but I’ve never worked a booth or a table. That’s all about to change at Kollision Con! Kollision Con is an anime convention in St. Charles, IL, taking place November 18 – 20, 2011. I’ll be selling my awesome food jewelry and charms... Read more »

Chicago Comic Con 2011 Recap

Well, this weekend has definitely been eventful. Chicago Comic Con has come and gone, and my legs and feet have thoroughly seen their share of walking for a week! I only attending Friday and Saturday of the event, and there was plenty to see. Friday was probably my favorite day to walk around the convention... Read more »

Dragon*Con 2010 Recap and Photos

Myself as Speedy and my friend Fran as Donna Troy She’s ALIVE!!!…Well, it’s been a while since I’ve bloggged. That’s because I was on vacation. A week and a half of awesomeness. I’m still trying to adjust to the regular routines of my everyday life. Not only did I finally beat the Elite Four and... Read more »

Road trip to "Nerdi Gras"

Well, today is the day! After work tonight, I’m going to take a much-needed nap, load up the car, and my boyfriend Mike and I will venture on our first big road trip together. So where does an awesomely geeky couple like us go for Labor Day weekend you might ask? To Atlanta for Dragon*Con!!!... Read more »

Comic Con take me away!

  Oh yes. It’s that time of year again. The local nerd gathering of the summer, Chicago Comic Con. All my friends have been posting pictures of their new costumes, and tweeting up a storm about the drive to the convention center. I won’t be heading out until tomorrow morning…and then it’s a 3-day weekend... Read more »

A dream come true for a Smallville fangirl

A dream come true for a Smallville fangirl
For the past 9 years, I’ve been a loyal fan of Smallville. Few shows have an opportunity to have the longevity that Smallville has had. With the 10th and final season starting up this fall, the Smallville crew is expected to give the fans an ending to remember. Is this not like some weird alternate... Read more »