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Interview with 'Power Rangers' actor Jason Narvy

Many Power Rangers fans know Jason Narvy as half of the show’s comic relief team “Bulk & Skull.” I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him in 2007 at the first official Power Morphicon in Los Angeles, and again more recently at Chicago Comic Con this year. Meeting him in Chicago was great, and Jason said... Read more »

Willy Wonka Cast Reunion in Chicago

We all grew up wanting to know what Snozberries taste like (obviously the Snozzberries taste like Snozzberries), and we all wanted to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. But we all know, there were only five golden tickets. Those five lucky kids are all grown up now, and will be reuniting at Chicago Comic Con next... Read more »

Celebrity Encounters: Chicago Comic Con 2010

Rubbing elbows with celebrities is one of the highlights of any convention experience. Chicago Comic Con was no exception. Having interviewed some of the guests before the event, gave me a good reason to introduce myself to them. I was actually more nervous than I expected to be. Everyone I met and spoke to were... Read more »

Bumblebee Adventures: Chicago Comic Con

  Nash and Mark Ryan with the Bumblebee Bug When I told Transformers voice actor Mark Ryan (Bumblebee and Jetfire) about my car, the Bumblebee Bug, he offered to take some pictures with it at Chicago Comic Con. I was so excited! When I told Bumblebee, he was so excited and he demanded to get... Read more »

Nash Nova on Chicago Now Radio

This past weekend was super busy! Not only did I go to Chicago Comic Con for 3 days, I also had to run downtown early Saturday morning for Chicago Now Radio. It was my first time on the show, and I’m already looking forward to coming back. Amy and Alex are hilarious, and seem to... Read more »

Chicago Comic Con 2010 Recap & Gallery

  I have over 70 Facebook notifications to go through, my calves are sore, I feel like crap, and costumes and wigs are scattered all over my room. This could only mean one thing…a successful con weekend! Chicago Comic Con 2010 has come and gone, and it was one of the highlights of my summer.... Read more »

Comic Con take me away!

  Oh yes. It’s that time of year again. The local nerd gathering of the summer, Chicago Comic Con. All my friends have been posting pictures of their new costumes, and tweeting up a storm about the drive to the convention center. I won’t be heading out until tomorrow morning…and then it’s a 3-day weekend... Read more »

My first big celebrity interview

When I first started this blog, I thought it would be a great outlet for me to just write about conventions I attend, cosplaying, celebrities I run into at events,  and all my nerd obsessions. I never expected to get such a huge positive response. I’m getting noticed in the nerd community, and it’s kind... Read more »

A dream come true for a Smallville fangirl

A dream come true for a Smallville fangirl
For the past 9 years, I’ve been a loyal fan of Smallville. Few shows have an opportunity to have the longevity that Smallville has had. With the 10th and final season starting up this fall, the Smallville crew is expected to give the fans an ending to remember. Is this not like some weird alternate... Read more »

William Shatner & Patrick Stewart at the same Chicago Con!

Courtey It was just announced today on the Chicago Comic Con website that Patrick Stewart will be joining Captain Kirk himself at the August convention. Star Trek fans are probably peeing their pants and adjusting their phasers. Stewart is scheduled to appear at Chicago Comic Con on Friday, August 20, and Saturday August 21,... Read more »