Upcoming Geeky Summer Events In the Midwest

Upcoming Geeky Summer Events In the Midwest

Although it's just starting to finally feel like Spring in Chicago, I'm getting pumped for the Summer events I'll be attending. There will be lots of crafting, gaming, costumes, and good times in my future.


GeeklyCon | Chicago Area (June 19 - 22)

Don't let the name fool you, GeeklyCon may sound like a hot new convention, but it's actually more of a 4-day meetup happening in my lovely hometown area courtesy of the awesome folks at Geekly Inc.

Geekly Inc. is a wonderful group of hilarious people who host two of my favorite podcast, Cast of Thrones (a Game of Thrones podcast filled with episode recaps, and book club commentary), and Drunks & Dragons (an actual play 4th edition D&D podcast). GeeklyCon is being organized completely by the fans of the podcasts.

The whole crew is coming to Chicago to meetup with their fans, and there are a slew of events planned. I'm only going to the Friday of the meetup, which is their day of gaming! I'm excited to meet my favorite podcasters, make some new friends, see a live recording of the podcasts, and play 4th edition D&D for the first time (I think we all know I'm a Pathfinder girl).

This event is sold out, but there are some events during that weekend that are free for the public. Check out the Splash Page and Forum for details.



Anime Midwest | Rosemont (July 4-6)

This will be my first year going to Anime Midwest. This is the only event this summer where I'll be selling my jewelry. While I was working in Artist Alley at Kollision Con last year, some of the other artist told me about this Anime Convention. I'll be camped out in Artist Alley at my table for the entire weekend, but I'm hoping I'll get to walk around and see a bit of the con too.

I can't wait to see all the awesome costumes, and meet some customers in person. I'm working on new Charms by Nash pieces to sell at the table, and I'll be restocking some of the con favorites. Anime Midwest actually has a great list of guest that I'm a fan of, including Eyeshine, and the Nostalgia Critic. If I can sneak away from my table a bit, I might get to see them.


bristol ren faire

Bristol Renaissance Faire | Kenosha, WI (July 5 - September 1)

It just isn't summer without my annual trip to the Renaissance Faire. Bring on the corsets, honey mead, and jousting! This has quickly become my favorite summer activity. There is always something to do, things to see, and food to eat at this event. Did I mention all the glorious costumes, props, and shops!? I love Bristol! My love of Pathfinder has greatly enhanced my appreciation for this event. This year, I really want to try RenQuest for the first time.

From what I understand, RenQuest is a live action game where Faire attendees solve riddles, travel around the Faire, and complete quests. It sounds like a fun way to explore the 30-acre Faire grounds. As a tabletop RPGer, it would be a fun opportunity to stretch my role playing muscles, and really get into character.



GenCon | Indianapolis, IN (August 14 - 17)

Last but not least, is the event known by all as the The Best Four Days in Gaming™. Ever since I played the Pathfinder Beginner box, and started getting into gaming, I've wanted to go to this convention. GenCon is the largest tabletop gaming convention in North America. There are thousands of gaming events, hundreds of gaming companies will be there, and we're finally going for the first time ever!

If possible, I would love to get tickets to True Dungeon, but I hear they sell out fast. True Dungeon, is a unique gaming experience that puts their players in a life-sized dungeon environment. Players take on the traditional roles of a D&D party (Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, Rogue, etc.), and they work together to solve puzzles, battle monsters, and find treasure in an interactive enviornment with NPCs (non-player characters) and some monster puppets. I saw a YouTube video about this, and I immediately wanted to play!

Either way, there will be loads of games to play and things to do at GenCon, including panels with puppeteers, and an 80s dance party! I'm hoping to get my hands on the next Pathfinder Adventure Card Game set while we're there too.



Will you be at any of these events? Are you interested in going? Links to all the events are in the blog. Don't hesitate to say hello, I love meeting my readers.


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