GenCon: First Time Event Registration

GenCon: First Time Event Registration

GenCon is my most highly anticipated event this year. I've been to anime, comic, fantasy, and sci-fi convention, but I've never gone to a gaming convention. Over the weekend, GenCon's event registration opened up on Sunday afternoon. GenCon doesn't even begin until August 14th, but most attendees had their itinerary planned well before registration opened on Sunday, May 18th.

During the registration process attendees can purchase event tickets. An event ticket confirms your spot to participate in a game or event that is scheduled during the show, and is a separate purchase from the convention badge. I had two things I absolutely wanted to do at GenCon, True Dungeon, and Pathfinder.

Since this is our first year going, I was pretty flexible on the the time slots for these events. I've heard stories about how hectic registration can be, and how quickly events can sell out. With nearly 50,000 attendees last year, I wasn't surprised when the website crashed while I was trying to add tickets to my shopping cart.

The only hiccup I personally ran into, was with the Wish List. You add events to a Wish List, and then you submit that list to be processed, which essentially holds those tickets for you in a shopping cart for 2 hrs. I was ready to check out, and decided to add one more event to my Wish List before checkout. That's when the site pretty much froze. After 30 minutes of nothing happening, I emailed the GenCon customer service department to see if they could deleted the one event from my Wish List, so I could purchase the tickets I had waiting in my cart before time ran out.

I applaud the GenCon staff and IT department for quickly resolving my issue, which allowed me to get the tickets I wanted. Next time I'll have my Wish List of event ready days before registration opens. Since this is my first year, I didn't really know what to expect.

My GenCon Events:

Pathfinder Society - I signed up for 2 Pathfinder Society games, including the GenCon/Special Season 5 conclusion. I haven't played a Pathfinder Society game since the retirement of the Shadow Lodge faction, but I'm excited to bring a few new characters, and get back in the game.


From my very first Pathfinder Society game.

Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild - It's no secret I'm a huge fan of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. I'm super excited to participate in the debut of "Season 0" of the card game's organized play program. I think this is going to be a fun extension of the Pathfinder Society, and I signed up for 2 games.

Ready for a night of adventuring!

I'm probably playing the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game every other weekend.

True Dungeon - Playing Pathfinder is pretty amazing, but who doesn't want to experience a real life dungeon crawl? True Dungeon puts you right in the action with a life-sized dungeon to explore, an interesting combat system, and puzzles to solve. True Dungeon is a 2 hour live action experience, but it differs from LARPing by focusing on problem solving, teamwork, and tactics. The creators of True Dungoen builds elaborate sets, puzzles, and costumes to really immerse the players in a D&D style environment. Rogues actually have to disable trapped chests, spell-casters memorize spells, and characters could die before they make it out of the dungeon. I can't wait to play!

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Generic Tickets - I purchased a couple of generic tickets, that can be used to jump in on events that have extra seats, or no shows. I'll also be up for playing demos of board games that I've never played, or always wanted to try.

GenCon takes place August 14-17 in Indianapolis, IN. There's still time to purchase your badge.

Are you going to GenCon? What are you excited about playing?

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