Pathfinder Adventures: Married to the Game Master

Pathfinder Adventures: Married to the Game Master

Over the weekend, I had the unique opportunity to begin a new gaming adventure. Our regular Game Master is moving out of town, and while we're waiting to continue our Rise of the Runelords campaign with him online, we got together to fill that gaming void. My husband decided to take on the responsibility of being the Game Master for a one-shot Pathfinder module. Aside from the one-on-one gaming sessions we had,when he taught me how to play Pathfinder, I've never sat in on an actual game with him as the GM.

With my husband taking on the challenge of being the GM, I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to challenge myself and play a spellcasting Class for the first time ever! After doing a bit of research, I was drawn to the Cleric Class. I loved the fact that they are so versatile. Clerics can be support characters, archers, melee fighters, undead mutilators, pure spellcasters, you name it.


Our Game Master, wearing one of my "Roll Player" D20 t-shirts.

We've been playing the Rise of the Runelords campaign for so long (a year and a half now), I forgot what it's like to play a low level character. Our party this past weekend consisted of a Dwarven Cleric (that's me), a Human Ranger with a cowardly dog, and an Ifrit Magus. With three 2nd level characters, you don't have a ton of Feats, awesome skills or sweet equipment yet, so we really had to work together to stay alive.

Before the game even started, my husband outdid himself by prepping everything the week leading up to the game. He hand drew two dungeon maps, asked all the players for back stories that he incorporated into the adventure, and he even printed handout cards that had magic loot, or information for certain players after they successfully made a particular check. The game flowed really quickly, and I got super excited when someone got one of those handout cards. It was up to the players to share whatever information they acquired with the other characters. It added something to the role-play aspect of the game.


The view from the other side of the GM Screen.


The adventure began with our characters preparing for a coming-of-age ceremony in which we have to travel to the Crypt of our town's founder, and retrieve a piece of the eternal flame that burns within it. What could possibly go wrong, right? The town provided us with supplies, rations, and a map. Our GM tore the map into 3 sections, and provided each of our characters with one piece of the map. Did I mention he also burned the edges of the map to make the paper look aged?


The weathered map with burned edges. Such a nice touch.

The path to the Crypt was filled with random encounters that were actually very challenging. Without spoiling too much of the story, we were attacked at our camp during one of the nights, and being super squishy without my medium Breastplate, I decided to sleep in my armor. According to the Pathfinder rules:

A character who sleeps in medium or heavy armor is automatically fatigued the next day. He takes a –2 penalty on Strength and Dexterity and can't charge or run. Sleeping in light armor does not cause fatigue.

But thankfully, my Deity Sarenrae grants me the power to remove the Fatigued condition, with the Health/Restoration Domain Power. I can do this 6 times per day at this level. So I will prop myself against a tree, and sleep in my armor, thank you very much. In your face nighttime ambush! I think when I can afford it, I'll buy light armor that I can actually sleep in so I'm not completely defenseless when these sort of encounters occur.


Yes my husband and I did wear matching shirts to the game. These super cool shirts were designed by me! Links at the end of the blog.

We didn't finish the adventure yet. We're still on the first floor of the Crypt, but I was excited to get to flex my Cleric muscles by obliterating undead, with my holy magic. I was also pleased to see that this dungeon crawl involved some puzzles and problem solving. I love that sort of stuff!

My husband did an awesome job as the GM, and everyone had a blast. He has definitely spoiled us with all his pregame prep work, and I would love it if handouts became a regular part of his game play. He gave the NPCs (non-player characters), different voices and personalities, and made the role-playing really fun!

All the work and detail he put into this adventure did not go unnoticed, and we still have the rest of the dungeon to finish. I can't wait to meetup and continue our adventure in the Crypt of the Everflame!

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Will our adventurers retrieve the sacred flame, and return to town alive!? Guess we'll find out next game.

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